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Do we have the right skills to be globally successful?

Today I’m reblogging a post from Southeast Schnitzel, a great blog about the cultural differences between Germany and the US, as well as general tips on cultural communication. One of the major themes of my book, College Abroad, is the disadvantage facing American students in terms of international and cultural experience. This post makes this point quite clear. If you’re concerned about being left behind in the global marketplace, you should consider not only traditional study abroad programs in college, but also high school exchanges or directly enrolling in a foreign university.

Southeast Schnitzel

In my line of work I talk a lot about cultural competency and intercultural skills as a prerequisite to a successful career in international business. In this context regular readers of this blog may have picked up on one of my pet peeves: the fact that school systems rarely provide our students with enough opportunities to develop cross-cultural skills. Some of you might remember me writing about this four years ago.

During the last two decades businesses throughout the United States have been increasingly adapting to the reality of a global economy. Being prepared for this changing market environment means not only being able to speak other languages, but also knowing how to work comfortably in other cultures. There’s one problem though: Not all U.S. school systems kept up with the changing demands, as you’ll see on the research-based website called Mapping The Nation. Today, to find out…

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  1. Holly,
    Thank you very much for sharing this with your readers.

    I may not be a Broncos fan but hey, Payton used to wear his #18 for the Volunteers. As a Bavarian transplant in Tennessee that might make me some kind of very remote supporter…


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